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Software Engineering MCQ Questions and Answers

Software Engineering
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Software Engineering MCQ Questions and Answers

Quiz – 3
  1. Defect removal efficiency helps to
    a. Remove bugs in the design
    b. Identify defects in the Requirements documents
    c. Remove bugs in the developer side
    d. Estimate test efficacy
  2. Which of the following is an example of an internal product metric?
    a. Defect density
    b. Number of product downloads from the website
    c. Customer satisfaction rating
    d. Revenue generated from product sales
  3. Which of the following is a product metric used to measure software reliability?
    a. Cost Performance Index (CPI)
    b. Defect density
    c. Test coverage
    d. Code complexity
  4. What is the primary purpose of using Function Points in software estimation?
    a. To calculate the return on investment (ROI) for the project
    b. To evaluate the performance of the development team
    c. To estimate the effort required for a project based on functionality
    d. To measure the number of lines of code in a project

  5. Software Review is
    a. Re-development
    b. A meeting intended solely to impart information
    c. Communicating technical difficulty to customers
    d. Technical assessment of a work product created during the software engineering process
  6. High quality Software provides benefit for 
    a. Both the software organization and the end-user community
    b. The end-user community
    c. Only for client
    d. The software organization
  7. Non-functional system requirements, such as Security, Speed, Accuracy, Reliability etc., are to be tested during
    a. Regression Testing
    b. Unit Testing
    c. Integration Testing
    d. System Testing 
  8. Software Test Stubs are 
    a. Modules of exhisting software
    b. Programs which simulate the behaviors of software components that are the control modules of a under test module
    c. Used to connect a software with a driver
    d. Programs which simulate the behaviors of software components that are the dependent modules of a under test module

  9. Which one of the following is not a software process quality? 
    a. computer program
    b. Productivity
    c. Timeliness
    d. Visibility
  10. Identify the major advantage of using Incremental Model
    a. Easier to test and debug & It is used when there is a need to get a product to the market early
    b. One time design
    c. Easier to Design and code
    d. To complete the product early
  11. Function point is a measure of
    a. Effort
    b. Complexity
    c. Size
    d. Usability
  12. A simple measure of Reliability is 
    a. Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
    b. Mean Time To Failure (MTTF)
    c. Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
    d. MTB

  13. Software engineers shall _______________________ 
    a. act in a manner that they are expertise
    b. act consistently with the public interest
    c. act in a manner that they are best
    d. Ensure that their products only meet the SRS
  14. Which of the following is not one of the principles of good coding?
    a. Write self-documenting code, not program documentation
    b. Refractor the code after you complete the first coding pass
    c. Create a visual layout that aids understanding
    d. Create unit tests before you begin coding
  15. Special feature of the Spiral process model is 
    a. Production
    b. Risk analysis

    c. Modeling
    d. Construction
  16. How severely the bug is affecting the application is called as
    a. Traceability
    b. Fix ability
    c. Priority
    d. Severity

  17. A State Diagram is:
    a. A method to define the Data Model
    b. A method to depict the flow of activities
    c. A Method to narrate the use case
    d. A method for representing the Behavior of the system
  18. Which scheduling method allows for task durations to vary within a specific range, taking into account best-case and worst-case scenarios? 
    a. Monte Carlo simulation
    b. Resource Leveling
    c. Critical Path Method (CPM)
    d. Earned Value Management (EVM)
  19. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using Agile estimation techniques like Planning Poker?
    a. Encourages collaborative and team-based estimation
    b. Provides a more accurate and precise estimation
    c. Allows for easy conversion of story points into hours for time tracking
    d. Reduces the influence of biased individuals in the estimation process
  20. Identify the one, which is not a characteristic of SCRUM
    a. Daily SCRUM is a problem solving session
    b. Requirements are captured as items in the list of ‘Product Backlog’
    c. SCRUM projects make progress in a series of ‘Sprints’
    d. No Outside influence can interfere with the SCRUM team during the Sprint

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Quiz – 2
  1. Which of the above models will be selected by a business that intends to release an upgraded version of the currently available software on the market?
    a. Design strategy
    b. Spiral
    c. Iterative Enhancement
    d. Prototyping
  2. Six Sigma methodology defines
    a. Explain analysis modeling
    b. modeling construction and deployment
    c. overall understanding of software
    d. Measure the existing process and its output
  3. Which of these framework activities is not normally associated with the user interface design processes?
    a. interface validation
    b. cost estimation
    c. user and task analysis
    d. interface construction
  4. Which of the following is not a SQA plan for a project?
    a. evaluations to be performed
    b. documents to be produced by the SQA group
    c. audits and reviews to be performed
    d. Budgeting

  5. Which of the following is not one of the four principles used to guide component-level design?
    a. Open-Closed Principle
    b. Dependency Inversion Principle
    c. Interface Segregation Principle
    d. Parsimonious Complexity Principle
  6. A decision table should be used
    a. Conditions and actions appears in a component
    b. Document all conditional statements
    c. Guide the development of the project management plan
    d. To building an expert system
  7. Which model depicts the profile of the end users of a computer system?
    a. user model
    b. design model
    c. user’s model
    d. implementation model
  8. Which of the following interface design principles does not allow the user to remain in control of the interaction with a computer?
    a. hide technical internals from casual users
    b. allow interaction to interruptible
    c. allow interaction to be undoable
    d. only provide one rigidly defined method for accomplishing a task

  9. Which is not a Software Quality Assurance
    a. It’s a Reactive measure
    b. It is the procedure to create the deliverables
    c. It’s a Preventive technique
    d. It is a method to manage the quality- Verification
  10. System design process represents
    a. link between specification and design processes
    b. link between testing and design
    c. link between design processes and development
    d. link between development and testing processes
  11. Which is not an advantage Of Decision Table
    a. summarize all the outcomes of a situation
    b. powerful tools for expressing complex logical relationships
    c. Decision tables only present a partial solution
    d. table is divided into two horizontal & two vertical parts
  12. Design specifications are followed during manufacturing is known as
    a. Quality of design
    b. Quality of conformance
    c. Quality of Implement
    d. Quality of testing
  13. During measurement activity identify which is missing
    Formulation, Collection, Analysis, Interpretation

    a. design
    b. measurement
    c. quantification
    d. feedback
  14. What is the main task of project indicators?
    a. Quick Development
    b. To evaluate the ongoing project’s status
    c. To evaluate the ongoing project’s status and track possible risks
    d. To track potential risks.
  15. Quality also can be looked at in terms of user satisfaction which includes
    a. Product is cheaper
    b. A Good quality input product
    c. Good quality output
    d. Software availability
  16. What is the name of the method that solves problems by following step-by-step guidelines?
    a. A List
    b. A Plan
    c. Sequential Structure
    d. An Algorithm

  17. Identify the important attributes for a software product metric
    a. easy to compute
    b. widely applicable
    c. qualitative in nature
    d. reliable over time
  18. Which one of these doesn’t make up a requirements model?
    a. Class-based elements
    b. Data elements
    c. Behavioral elements
    d. Scenario-based elements
  19. Objective of software project planning is ____________
    a. make use of historical project data
    b. determine the probable profit margin prior to bidding on a project.
    c. convince the customer that a project is feasible
    d. enable a manager to make reasonable estimates of cost and schedule
  20. Which of the subsequent phrases best captures the significance of software design?
    a. Complexity
    b. Quality
    c. Accuracy
    d. Efficiency

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Quiz – 1
  1. The risks which happen in day-to-day activities during project development due to improper process implementation is called _____________
    a. Programmatic Risks
    b. Schedule Risks
    c. Budget Risks
    d. Operational Risk
  2. Which of these are the 5 generic software engineering framework activities?
    a. communication, risk management, measurement, production, reviewing
    b. analysis, designing, programming, debugging, maintenance
    c. analysis, planning, designing, programming, testing
    d. communication, planning, modeling, construction, deployment
  3. Which of the following is not an important activity carried out during the requirements and analysis?
    a. Elicitation of the requirements
    b. Requirements Specification document preparation
    c. Identifying potential conceptual classes
    d. Drawing UML Use-case diagrams
  4. What are the steps required to initiate the requirements so that the project is started properly and keep moving forward towards success?
    a. Stakeholder identification, value multiple viewpoints, build collaborations, ask the first question.
    b. Stakeholder identification, Estimation of Time and Budget, Project Manager identification.
    c. Stakeholder identification, build collaborations, never question, work towards collaboration.
    d. value multiple viewpoints, Vision of the project, Budget, timelines.
  5. Problem understanding, solutioning and solution providers participate in which of the phase of the project?
    a. Project inception
    b. Project eliciation
    c. Project inspection
    d. Project elabortion
  6. _____________ focused set of responsibilities , attributes and methods implement them.
    a. Low Coupling
    b. High Cohesion
    c. Primitiveness
    d. Complete and sufficient
  7. The diagram that denotes movement of activities described by the use cases and at the same period the captors are involved in UML.
    a. Stat diagram
    b. Component diagram
    c. Swim lane diagram
    d. Activity diagram
  8. Which of the following is not one of the principles of good coding?
    a. Refractor the code after you complete the first coding pass
    b. Write self-documenting code, not program documentation
    c. Create unit tests before you begin coding
    d. Create a visual layout that aids understanding
  9. Which one of the following model is not suitable for accommodating changes in requirements?
    a. Spiral model
    b. Waterfall model
    c. Prototyping model
    d. RAD Model
  10. Who among the following are the primary actors for a banking mobile application?
    a. An investor who purchased shares in the bank
    b. A bank customer holding savings/Salary/Current accounts.
    c. Investors of the SW development company
    d. Income-tax office who wants to keep watch on transactions.

  11. Control flow diagrams are
    a. required for all systems.
    b. used to represent system behavior.
    c. used in place of data flow diagrams.
    d. needed to model event driven systems.
  12. Requirements elicitation to identify the business need, scope, assumptions, and risks of a project based on data from key stakeholders, different techniques are used for the above. Which among the following is not a Requirements elicitation technique?
    a. Forming focus groups
    b. Requirements workshops
    c. Writing final code
    d. Brainstorming with stakeholders
  13. What does SDLC stands for?
    a. System Design Life Cycle
    b. Software Development Life Cycle
    c. System Development Life cycle
    d. Software Design Life Cycle
  14. RAD Software process model stands for ________
    a. Rapid Application Design.
    b. Recent Application Development.
    c. Relative Application Development.
    d. Rapid Application Development.
  15. The state transition diagram
    a. indicates how data are transformed by the system
    b. indicates system reactions to external events
    c. depicts relationships between data objects
    d. depicts functions that transform the data flow
  16. As a Quality Assurance Lead in Company X, your responsibility is to audit the project teams to ensure that backups of the project code and other documents are taken periodically. This task comes under:
    a. Validation
    b. Software Configuration Management
    c. Verification
    d. User acceptance
  17. Mapping Analysis model to design model following elements are mapped for architectural design
    a. Scenario based element and flow oriented element
    b. Scenario based element and behavioural element
    c. Class based element and flow oriented element
    d. Class based element and Scenario based element
  18. Which of these is not an element of a requirements model?
    a. Class-based elements
    b. Behavioral elements
    c. Data elements
    d. Scenario-based elements
  19. Software is defined as _________
    a. set of programs
    b. set of programs & documentation
    c. documentation with data
    d. Testing of programs
  20. A security monitoring system has detected an intrusion and generated an alert to the house owner. What kind of a requirement the system is achieving?
    a. Nonfunctional Availability requirement
    b. Exciting requirements
    c. Nonfunctional Security requirement
    d. Functionality requirement

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